Always keep moving

I always have to do something productive or fun. I hate these blank spaces in my calendar who calls for an empty day. Either I have to reach a friend or, if I’m to tired for that, doing something on my own at least until the evening, otherwise I will feel terrble.I’m not that kind of person who sits in the sofa with my family when I’m home.

A perfect day for me is to come home around six and then maybe clean up a little in my room, surf around on my computer and do some of my homework. To have a planed up day and then relax before bed. A whole day at home (even if I’m out an hour or so) is horrible and that’s also why I can’t enjoy the days when you ain’t healthy enough to go to school but you are still lively and alert.

It’s about to always have to keep moving and living for the day. To create memories and make changes in my life, even if they’re small. I don’t know. Just evolve by different interactions with different people in different situations I guess. It can be both a blessing and a curse because things are always happening which keeps my life interesting but some weeks I plan in too much which creates a stressful mess. But I’m grateful for every day I get and everyone I’m surrounded by. Thanks for that! 🙂

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