The Perks of Being a Wallflower



Titel: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Author: Stephen Chbosky
Published: 1999
Genre: Drama
Grade: 10/10



Summary: It’s about an introverted boy named Charlie who in a couple of letters addressed to an anonymous friend explains about his life as a freshman in high school. From being an unpopular boy with no friends he learns how to “participate” and get to know Sam and Patrick (also called nothing).
It’s really hard to describe the book interestedly but without giving out the plot twists but through the year you learn a lot about his thinking and at the end he slowly remember the truth about his aunt Helen.

Writers style: I read the book in English because personally I think a book is the best not translated. It’s written in letter-form because he is writing to another person (you will never find out who) which is a form I absolutely don’t like. I prefer to see the story through others eyes and I think is harder to get into the story through letters and diaries. It makes the story jump a bit, leaving out a full version to follow. You don’t mention for someone when you’re telling a story that you walked through the dark corridor, full of drunk people who laughed and yelled stuff like “I AM SO DRUNK” and that you hurried up the reach the doorknob to get some quietness only to find your boyfriend sleeping with someone.
You just say that you found your boyfriend sleeping with someone when you were on this

Own opinion: It’s still good though because instead of all this describing of the environment you get a lot of feelings, some you have to think about yourself to understand why he feels that way and you get a different perspective. I thought Charlie felt kind of “special” in the begining of the book. He had weird thoughts that I didn’t really follow and he saw everything in another way. He really was a well trained wallflower. As the book went on I learned about the way he saw things and I can admit that he’s not the best on the side of social life but he isn’t stupid eaither. Because of earlier events in his life he just found it harder to adapt. I loved how he, through Sam and Patrick, got to know a bunch of other people and loved everyone for who they was and not for who they were. The end (spoiler alert) twisted everything Charlie had learned and I thought it was important to know that  participate doesn’t always mean being there, but also to act by yourself.

I can relate very well to Charlie’s life because I been there myself whereyou felt bad and lonely most of the times and realized that you just have to grab on to you life again and start “participating” as Charlie mentions it. I bet many people been at that state sometime in their lives. I really started to reflect over my own life and identity.

Though because I have seen the movie I miss some kind of feeling in I that didn’t receive from the book. Although I love all the songs you get, the books Charlie’s teacher gives him and not least the poem! After I borrowed it from the library and couldn’t put it down and it will definitely be placed on the list of my favorite books.

Everyone should read it or at least see the movie (which I saw first but wanted to understand the whole story). It is to good to miss out 🙂