London trip!



So this weekend I flew off to London! Yes, you heard me. I was invited to come along with my boyfriend and his family (being nice and normal is paying off!). We saw as much as we could once we were there and at the end of the days my feet ached and my eyes couldn’t stay opened. It was really exhausting and fun!

Day 1
The first stop was at Primemark, ofc. We went trough the shop to find anything that looked good and was less pricey then in Sweden. After some sweaty hours we moved on and found a café where we could get something in our stomachs. The Mocha coffee was a little bit to sweet for my taste.

2015-12-04 12.29.26At 3 am were we on our way to madam Tuas… tousso… (Google search!) to Madam Tussauds to get some pictures with real waxfigure-celebrities! How many people have a picture with a fake Sherlock? Ok, probably lots, it’s a quite popular place but still! The only thing that could’ve been better was a less grouchy hulk.

Madam TussaudsTo add a nice finish to the day we shortly visit the Winter Wonderland. Now when it’s soon Christmas and everything.


Day 2
All these early mornings to have enough time to see everything there is to see. To use the day. Ugh. All I want to do on the mornings is to sleep. This day we kind of overslept so we missed the breakfast and had to find something in the city. We were suppose to meet the others at a food market so nearby we found some place to eat, which was really good actually.
I will skip the food market part because it was honestly not so much to see but afterwards we walked over the Tower Bridge.


How lovely.

After that we spent some more time on shopping.


Day 3
To see or not to see Big Ben in London isn’t an option. It has to be done. The whole day was spent on towers, eyes and palaces. I hated how windy it was and think I ate almost half of my hair!


After seeing the London eye and The Great Bell of Westminister we tried to visit The Buckimham Palace but I don’t think anyone was home because no one let us in. At least we got to see the funny men in big hats marching around at the front.


We also wandered around in some park that I have forgot the name of. They had a lot of birds and some cute squirrels there. And a freaking HUGE swan! Boy, he had a strong neck. Probably well fed on lost children.782b72fe-6616-4203-995a-402bd2b2f39a

Day 4 was all about picking up the lose ends. Go back and buy that shirt you were insecure of buying, to see things we missed and other typical English stuff.
So we went to Primemark at first because there’s where you make the big mistakes not buying anything that is soo much cheaper then in Sweden.
After that I ran around at the whole Oxford street just to find that lucky charm I’ve been looking for. I found it. Rather expensive, but I found it.

Aaand… yeah! That was the last of London. They transported the weird and annoying tourists back to their chilly homes. I had a really good time tough and I’m glad to be asked to come. I haven’t traveled a lot, this is my forth country outside the Scandinavian and I always enjoy seeing a bit more of the world.