The Piano Guys

I LOVE the sound of the piano and to top it with a cello makes it even better. Therefor I can’t let these guys go unattended! The way they remake songs, combining and presenting makes me love them. There are many good covers and videos but I think this is the most interesting one.

The way they got an idea to combine the song “Don’t you worry child” of Swedish House Maffia with an indian-style preformed by Shweta Subram makes it stick out from everything else. The work and effort they put into getting good videos is amazing. They pulled togheter a working team to drag a big piano out in the dessert to put even more charisma into the music and also took alot of remakes during the burning sunshine. The music itself is lively, creative and the hindi lyrics that in fact contains some hindi prayers creates a different kind of connotation.

Please take time to check out some more of their music on Youtube, Spotify or their webbsite where you also can find out more behind the scenes.

One thought on “The Piano Guys

  • August 19, 2015 at 00:53

    Mli ! So you have taken the road to become a music critics. Nicely done. In such extent that I have been forced listening to piano music all day. Thanks a lot! 🙂


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