Greetings from Jamboreen

Sixth day on the Jamboreen camp.

It’s hot!

Like really really hot!

In the morning and evening it’s around 28-32 degrees celsius but on the middle on the day it’s around +40 degrees! Not weird how we can hear the ambulance driving from camp to camp, especially when 2000 of all the 34.000 scouts here are Swedes who really not are used to so much heat. All we can do is to stay hydrated and in the shadows.

But anyway, it’s a beautiful place. The second day here we got a big welcome opening with acrobatic airplains and drumsolos. It was spectacular! All the 153 countries showed off their flag on the stage, one  and one. It took some time but it worth it. We have this seven subjects which we are suppose to do during the camp as a whole or a half day activity. We had science, water and GV (how to improve the world) this far.


The food here is interesting. Sometimes it’s a little bit too fat for me. We all miss the Swedish food. When we ask eachother the typical question “what’s the first thing you will do when you get home” the answers, beside the typical TSBI (toilet, shower, bed and internet), often starts with eat something.

I miss porridge, fruits (which is expensive and hard to come by in the stores here), pizza, a cold Marabou and “knäckebröd” with “Kalles Kaviar”. Of course also my family, rats and the cold swedish summer weather. I’m wondering why I ever complained on it.

It’s nice to meet all this people from all the places in the world but the weather is destroying a bit of the experience. You never have enough power to move around in the camp and at the evening it’s pitch black and still kind of too hot but at least we’re more use to it now then before. Today we had a international food festival where we got to wander around the camps and taste exotic food from different countries. Some were really nice and some was not! I actually keept my distant from the Japanese food. Already got to much of it. Though I have now tasted Scottish Haggis! Which I think was really cool and actually kind of good! In our camp we let people taste liqrouits from Sweden and “fattiga riddare”. We also handed out “Kalles kaviar” tattoos.


I could write soo much more but that will be it for now. Sorry about the bad english but it is so hot that I don’t even care. I hope you in Sweden have a nice cool weather because believe me, you don’t want +40 humidity!

See you soon!

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  • August 2, 2015 at 14:36

    Hello there! So, you miss Sweden? I promise it will be here when you get back. And, as always, stay curious!


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