Bye Sweden – short notice


In 4 h I’m leaving the country for a month to be at the international Jamboreen camp in Japan. I’m both exited and nervous because I’m not used to travel but I sense it’s going be an adventure in its own kind. We’re going to live in hotel half of the trip and at the camp the other half. We’re going to visit everything we can and learn about Japan and it’s culture. And more ofc. The time differences is about 6h so I’m counting with a lot of jet lag.

The point is, I’m gonna try to post things while I’m in Japan but we probably won’t have so good internet connection and the days will be occupied with all these activities. Keep up following tho and I’ll do my best to show of Tokyos streets.

tokyo city


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  • July 14, 2015 at 08:55

    Good luck. This will be a memorable journey.


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