Our last days at Galápagos

Our adventure has come to its end. Tomorrow we will wake up early to catch our flight back to Sweden again. We spent our last days and weekend doing all the things on Santa Cruz we still had left, we went to Las Grietas (a fresh/salt water pool between two cliffs), to the magic swing and the island Pinzón for some good snorkeling. 

Even though we have done so much things there’s still a whole lot more to see but nevertheless I can say that we did our best to experience as much as possible. We have been on 5 islands in total, seen almost all of the major animals, learned how to dance salsa by the locals, met so much people from all over the world, tried so much new food/drinks and of course, gained a lot of experience and knowledge within the veterinarian profession. We are so grateful towards Darwin Animal Doctors for the opportunity of learning about animal healthcare abroad and towards our school Spånga Gymnasium for financing the whole trip. This would not have been possible without you both!

Through this 5 weeks we have learned so much about medicine but aside from that also the fact that it’s not always necessary with all the fancy equipment, you can do a great deal with the limited materials you got. Through the volunteers who has been working at the clinic we have also learned that it is never impossible or to late to travel around the world, doesn’t matter what age you are or how much experience and money you have. I strongly encourage everybody to find their own memories throughout the world. I know I will. 


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