Galapagos – Isabela

We took a day of from DAD so we could stay 2 nights at Isabela instead of one, which was a good move because there were so much things we didn’t have time to do!

We were a little bit confused when we arrived because our plan was to see the flamingo lagoon and then rent some bikes to Wall of tears but after stumbling around for awhile without finding the lagoon we went on to the bikes. Depart from the strong sun, I really enjoyed the ride. Bella didn’t enjoy it as much. While she’s a fan of the beachlife I’m more for the hiking. 
In the evening we went to Beach Bar, an outdoor bar beside the water were you can chill in hammocks while sipping on drinks, bury your feet in the sand or if you’re sober enough, walk on the line. We met a girl there with a bunch of other people who took us to a well hidden “nightclub” (more like a bar with dancing people), were we learned how to salsa.

The partying might have gotten a little bit over my head. The next day I woke feeling ill and my stomach was a mess. Even so, I went on the trip to Los Tunnéles anyway, I just couldn’t miss it. My stomach was jumping along with the boat and their only toilet was a small privy without a real lock on the door. You have to do what you have to do. Beside my cramping belly the trip was really good. We were snorkeling above a reef area where we saw white tipped sharks, a verity of fishes and sea turtles (among other thing), we even got to see blue boobies after going ashore. 

The last day we went to another turtle conservation center and we finally found the flamingo lagoon! I could sleep for weeks after this weekend but it’s all back to business now. Just 2 weeks left before we are going home again, can’t stress it enough.


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  • February 2, 2017 at 18:16

    Tus videos mejoran cada vez mejor
    (Your videos just gets better and better! )


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