Galapagos – San Cristobal

This week we decided to take a boat ride to San Cristobal, one of Galapagos major islands where you can find a lot of sea lions. We went on a trail called Tijeretas which leads you to a beach where you can snorkel and to a viewpoint. It was so cool to snorkel around the small reef and we even saw a sea turtle! You really get surprised how big they are. 

We slept at Hostal de Laura and took a taxi to a volcano the next day. We didn’t have so much time because we had to catch our boat home so therefore we got kind of nervous when we realized that we had to climb all the way up to see the lagoon we were looking for. It was done in no time though. Afterwards we continued to Galapaguera Center where they breed turtles for their survival. The species are endemic and important for the island. The heat makes it more exhausting than it should be but it was worth it (even if the nightlife there could improve). 

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