Galápagos Santa Cruz – First video

So we are on our second week of five at Santa Cruz Island in Galapagos. Even though we are working at Darwin Animal Doctors 7.5 h per day we still find the time to look around the island and find all kinds of amazing animals. On the weekends we will travel around to different islands, we have already planned going to Isabela, San Cristobal, North Seymour and Pinzon, so we’re hoping to get a new video up every week.

The wifi here is far from the best, though. We tried to upload this one on Sunday evening by going to a restaurant and borrow their internet but even though we sat there an hour we only got it to 5%. Therefore, the next day we went to a new opened coffee shop were we thought they would have better internet connection.12%… Eventually we just had to give up and use our own wifi which meant we could only upload it at night because it would swallow the internet for everyone here at the clinic. Two nights later we finally succeed!

So take it with a pinch of salt, we had to edit it with Windows Movie Maker and improvise an ending. We promise to improve in the next one!

Obs! We may change our channel name

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